At GR Decorating London, we understand the dilemma clients face when choosing between a painter or decorator to refresh your space, which is why we offer the best of both worlds with our comprehensive services.

GR Decorating London is fully trained to quickly and effectively deal with any painting and decorating situation that may arise, from filling holes with caulk to thorough power washing where necessary. We provide pleasant, friendly customer service and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your painting and decorating project. Our team will arrive on time, and work according to the highest standards to provide you with a finished product you will be pleased with.

Residential Painting and Decorating

We know how important it is for your home to be a stunning space that suits your tastes and that you enjoy spending time in. As a result, GR Painting and Decorating offers a selection of high-quality painting and decorating services to help you create your ideal living space according to your preferences.

Exterior Painting and Decorating

Our experienced workforce can expertly paint the exterior of your home to create a gorgeous external appearance, and protect it from the harsh London weather. We use a durable range of paints and can paint on a variety of surfaces, including brickwork, vinyl, doors, windows, and more.

Interior Painting and Decorating

We are also fully equipped to handle all your interior painting and decorating requirements. Whether you need to repaint a single room, or are looking to redecorate all the rooms of your home completely, GR Decorating London has the skills and equipment to refresh your home.

Before we begin any work, we will take all the necessary precautions to protect your furniture and floors, ensuring your home stays spotless. We also use only long-lasting, high-quality paints, each available in a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit your style. Our team can also carefully apply and remove all types of wallpaper.

Commercial Painting and Decorating

If you believe your shop-front could use some brightening up to attract more customers, or if your interior is in need of work to create a more professional atmosphere, GR Decorating London can create a bespoke commercial painting and decorating service for you. We can paint and decorate a variety of commercial properties, including office blocks, shops, bars, restaurants, industrial buildings, and more.

Our team can schedule our work at a time that best suits you to limit any interference with the functioning of your business. We will work with you to find a time that suits you best and can work nights, weekends, and after hours to get the job done without disturbing you and your employees.

Other Services

As part of our professional painting and decorating services, our team also undertake insurance work following fires, floods, accidental damage, or other incidents to help you restore your property to its former condition. We also carry out any necessary maintenance work to help you maintain the excellent standard of your decoration, as well as carpentry and fencing services for your convenience.

To take advantage of our professional services and affordable prices, get in touch with GR Decorating London on 0203 715 8946 or 07933521239, and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote tailored to you.