Wallpaper Removal in London

GR Decorating London has mastered the process of removing wallpaper without causing damage, guaranteeing a stress-free service for residential and commercial clients alike. Our wallpaper removal in London is carried out by our expert painters and decorators carefully using the best tools and methods to leave your walls clean and unblemished.

We know that removing wallpaper yourself can be a stressful, time-consuming process, which is why our team works tirelessly to deliver a hassle-free process with excellent results. We have several years of experience in removing all types of wallpapers from various manufacturers in domestic and commercial properties of all sizes, from a single statement wall to entire buildings.

We know that wallpaper removal can often be a complex process, as not knowing how the paper will react to the tools and removal methods can potentially lead to improper removal and even damage the wall. The type of wallpaper should also be considered when choosing the removal method, as some may have a vinyl, fabric, or other types of coating, each requiring a different approach to remove properly. Additionally, if the walls were not primed correctly before the wallpaper was hung, problems can arise during the removal process.

At GR Decorating London, we are skilled in identifying the best removal methods and tools to help you get rid of your unwanted wallpaper safely without causing any damage to your property. We use the best tried and tested equipment and processes, including using steamers and chemical substances, to leave your walls clear and ready for a new layer of paint or wallpaper.

Regardless of the scale of your project or the type of wallpaper you need removing, GR Decorating London will be more than happy to provide you with a specialist service, expert advice, and a reasonable quote that suits all your requirements.

Benefits of Professional Wallpaper Removal

Removing old, outdated wallpaper has a wide range of aesthetic and functional benefits for your home and business. Older wallpaper may start to bubble and peel away from the surface, giving your walls an unsightly look. Seams may also appear in the paper, which can spread and curl up, eventually leading to yellowing which cannot be repaired. A clean, professional wallpaper removal also makes it easier to repaint the wall when redecorating.

Our Wallpaper Removal Process, Priming Preparation, and Drywall Repairs

Our wallpaper removal professionals use several different methods to remove your wallpaper, each depending on a range of factors. These methods usually include:

- Using a non-toxic substance, we will prepare the surface of the wallpaper for removal.
- Once the paper is soaked, we gently begin to remove it using a scraper to avoid damaging the surface of the wall.
- All paper is removed and disposed of to leave the space clean and tidy.
- We then clean the walls to remove any residue.
- Any small imperfections are repaired, and the surface is sanded.
- The walls are cleaned and primed.
- We apply your chosen colour of paint and wallpaper design.

If you are looking to remove your dated wallpaper, GR Decorating London is here to help. Contact us today on to 0203 715 8946 or 07933521239 take advantage of our expertise.