Interior Painting in London

GR Decorating London offers an interior painting service to leave your home or business looking pristine and gorgeous. Our exceptional attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction guarantee an outstanding finished product that will last for years to come. Whether you need a bedroom, living room, office, or shop repainted, our experts will get the job done neatly and with minimal disruption. We pay great attention to all areas of every project and take care to protect your property from damage. Our interior painting service covers the following:

- Bedrooms.
- Kitchens.
- Bathrooms.
- Basements.
- Dining Rooms.
- Living Rooms.
- Hallways.Doors and Windows
- Staircases.
- Offices.
- Shops and Retail Premises.
- Workshops.
- Small Factories
- Warehouses.

Interior Painting Preparation

Before any paint is applied, we carefully mask all fittings and rake out, fill, sand, and smooth any cracks in the surface of the wall. We then rag roll the filled areas to avoid any patches, and once this is completely dry, we roll ceilings or walls, and apply a light sanding before applying the final coat. Unless the client requests otherwise, or it is a bathroom ceiling, we use vinyl matte on all our ceilings. We also treat any stained areas using a resisting primer.

We apply two coats of paint on walls and ceilings, and if they are newly plastered, we also apply a third coat. Our workforce can also remove wallpaper, caulk window frames, door frames, and skirting boards, and can repair drywall before any painting begins.

Wood Work

Our team can paint on all types of wooden surfaces, carefully applying gloss, eggshell, or water-based paint. We sand and, if necessary, repair any wood before we apply the undercoat. We then apply another light sanding before the final coat is applied to ensure the finished product is smooth and blemish-free.

Interior Paint Colours

At GR Decorating London, we know that choosing the right colours can be difficult, which is why we are on hand to help you select the perfect colour to match your home. Our painters will talk you through the various colour schemes and design options for your domestic or commercial space.

Interior Painting Pricing

Before we begin any work, we will provide you with a detailed, competitive quote that clearly outlines all the necessary work as well as all the costs involved. We try to avoid any additional charges for our clients wherever possible, ensuring you always get the highest quality services at cost-effective prices.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

At GR Decorating London, getting the job done correctly is of great importance to our entire team. Once the fresh coats of paint have been applied and are drying, we will talk you through the project to make sure you are pleased with the finished product. We also provide a full clean-up once you are satisfied.

Get in touch with GR Decorating London today on 0203 715 8946 or 07933521239 to book your free, no-obligation appointment.